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Interstellar Age

Interstellar Age
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Interstellar Age

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    Summary It is the year 2500, and humanity has expanded its reach beyond thenfines of Earth. In a distant ser of the galaxy, a young man named Erich “Silber” Jaeger is born i a dypian empire that tightlyntrols the lives of its citizens.Growing up in a society rife with discrimination, Erich faces an uncertain future as he approaches militarynscription. He will spend the next two decades of his life serving in the Armed Forces of the Germanic Star-Empire, fighting against the many enemies of the authoritarian state.As he navigates the treacherous landscape of interstellar warfare, Erich must grapple with his own ambitions and loyalties. Will he rise through the ranks bme the next dictr of the empire, or will he meet a gruesome end on the battlefield?Join Erich on his journey through the Interstellar Age, as henfronts the challenges of war, politics, and personal identity in a universe filled with danger and intrigue. You’re reading “Interstellar Age” on See all Hide

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