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Heir of Aurelian

Heir of Aurelian
181 Chapters
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Heir of Aurelian

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    Summary The year is 407 AD and Rome is at the precipice. In the West, a usurper by the name of Flavius Claudiusnstantinus has declared himself emperor. By doing this, he and his trar legions have fractured the Western Roman Empire i two. At the same time, the north bleeds!untless germans swarm across the borders of the Empire and pillage its lands in their ruthless raids. Alaric, King of the Goths, rises a position of prominence and threatens the ancient capital of the dying Empire with his barbarian hordes. As if things weren't bad enough, rumors from the east state that a mysterious power rises within the fogs of war, threatening drown the Empire in a river of blood.As a response these threats, the indolent emperor Honorius has given orders his suprememmander Flavius Stilicho reclaim the province of Gaul from the usurper. However, should he leave the heartland of the Empire undefended, undoubtedly Alaric would invade. Thus, under the threat of barbarians at the gates, Stilicho dispatches a young roman general by the name of Titus Claudius Marcellus bring an end the reign of the usurper. Will Rome fall the tides of barbarians and trars alike? Or can Marcellus rere a worldllapsing around him? Find out in Heir of Aurelian! You’re reading “Heir of Aurelian” on See all Hide