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Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl

Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl
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Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl

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    Read Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl by . Genre: Romance...Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl pdf free download. In the town of Enswood, the wealthy and influential Waldorf family arranges a marriage for one of their sons with a girl from the countryside named Pearl Leighton. The Waldorf brothers, known for their outstanding looks, express dissatisfaction with the situation, but their father, Dustan Waldorf, pressures them intoplying. The brothers, arriving at Pearl's simple village home, are surprised to find her appearance significantly different from the photo they were shown. Pearl, now sophisticated and elegant, introduces herself to the Waldorf brothers. Mobius, the youngest brother, makes a disparagingment about her being an uneducated bumpkin. In response, Pearl retorts that she won't fall for someone like him. Despite the initial tension, Pearl proceeds to get into one of the cars, seemingly uninterested in the Waldorf brothers' opinions. Pearl Leighton, apanied by Richard Waldorf, arrives at Enswood and is greeted by the Waldorf family. Pearl's father, Max, had arranged her marriage with the Waldorf family before his death. Throughout the journey and upon arrival, Pearl reflects on her situation. The Waldorf brothers express dissatisfaction, and Mobius makes derogatoryments about Pearl. In the Waldorf villa, they are met by Susan Plumbe, the sophisticated mother of the Waldorf brothers. Susan mocks Pearl's appearance and accuses her of undergoing plastic surgery. Susan instructs the housekeeper, Alex, to check Pearl's luggage, and guards are called to assist. When they attempt to open Pearl's luggage, a deep voice interrupts, and Dustan, the father, arrives. He defends Pearl and orders the guards to show her respect. Susan, dissatisfied, retreats upstairs. Dustan apologizes to Pearl and instructs everyone to treat her well. The Waldorf brothers remain silent, questioning their father's fondness for Pearl. Read Your Guise Is Slipping, Miss Pearl .

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