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Villain of my own novel

Villain of my own novel
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Villain of my own novel

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    Summary Eshwar is the name of the author who transmigrated i his own after his death. Eshwar’s death was caused by his own magic which he had yetntrol. Why? because I didn't think I would seriously die!!!!Anyway.... my 's protagonist is a selfish person. why you ask? because I wrote him and I wanted him be like me. Muhahahaha, ha.I reincarnated i my !and that as a villain who dies in the first half, will I stand still and die?Ofurse not, I may have reincarnated as a villain but its not like I will live like he did.I'll live my life as I want! and kill all the other villains.Why? because I love the world I created, hahaha, ha.... (real reason: I love fight.), who else will get the chance look at the world they have created?System I created is messed up for some reason and is doing everything on its own!!???we'll see how it turns out with everything messed up, well(sigh...)Oh, but because i have reincarnated as a villain, I got a new problem and that is,I'm handsome (sparkles), I have say, handsome people have their own problems. You’re reading “Villain of my own ” on See all Hide