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Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler

Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler
390 Chapters
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Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler

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    Summary Where does the game end? Where does reality start?When one very anticipated VRMMORPG was about be launched, and Jake was one of the first players have a chance access it, he had a weird dream of himself fighting massive beasts and then seeing a world being destroyed.Without knowing any better, Jake assumes that it was just a weird dream, but then he begins have those weird dreams again and again until they bme even more vivid, and much his surprise, whenever the dream changes, he obtains a new power inside the game.It doesn't take long for Jake realize that he isn't the only one who has those dreams, and soon enough, Jake realizes that the game and reality are a lot morennected than he thought.You’re reading “Unlimited Power 03: The Sinful Ruler” on See all Hide