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Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail

Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail
183 Chapters
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Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail

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    Read Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail by Foxtail. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereTheir Lycan Queen by Foxtail full chapter at . Artist: Nora and Mate  Genre: Alpha Nora, a wolf from the Silver Stream pack, is preparing for the yearly mateball. Despite being shunned by her pack for not shifting at 16, she trained hard and gained strength. At 18, her wolf finally came, but she learned they were still too weak to shift. The alpha knows about her situation, and she faces potential banishment if she doesn't shift soon. As her pack hosts the ball, Nora's task is to arrange amodations for VIP guests, who turn out to be lycans. Nora suggests housing them separately due to their powerful auras. Luna Sandra and Beta Jessica agree, and Nora reveals her hidden struggle with shifting to them. Luna Sandra rushes to handle the situation, leaving Nora to prepare the mansion with the help of omegas Mia and Josh. During the preparations, Nora encounters a lycan stranger near the mansion. The stranger turns out to be a handsome lycan, marking an unexpected development in the story... Read Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail .