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The Spare Wife by Nadia Gordon

The Spare Wife by Nadia Gordon
668 Chapters
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The Spare Wife by Nadia Gordon

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    Read The Spare Wife by Nadia Gordon by Nadia Gordon. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Spare Wife by Nadia Gordon full chapter at . Artist: Abigail Quinn... Genre: Romance Abigail, after signing the divorce agreement, decides to focus on her career by returning to her fashion studio, LMoon, which she co-founded with her best friend Luna. Abigail's designs are highly sought after, and she quickly gets busy with new orders. Luna, managing the business side, updates Abigail on a potential big client looking to order custom-made gowns for celebrities. Abigail works tirelessly for several days, fulfilling urgent orders and finalizing designs. However, her brief respite is interrupted when an assistant informs her about a challenging customer who has arrived at the studio... Read The Spare Wife .

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