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The Over-Break System

The Over-Break System
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The Over-Break System

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    Summary What if Ild you, right now, everything you know about what happens after death is a lie?What if Ild you that there is no afterlife after death, just an endless cycle of reincarnation after wiping your memory?What if Ild you that there is a way out of the cycle of reincarnation and all you have do is wear a religious artifact, and if you die with it on, you are given the opportunity reincarnate i a world of your choice while keeping your memories?Would you take it...or would yountinue with the mundane cycle that has gone on since the beginning of time?This is a ry about two brothers, one is a responsible police officer, the other a heartless weeb, who died during WW3 and are offered the opportunity reincarnate i another world as brothers once more.Upon their death, they are summoned a mysterious Realm named the Hall of Gods, where they obtain a Game-like System from the Raven God Odin and The God of Light Yahweh.Once the system, named The Over-Break System, is installed i their souls, the brothers are Reincarnated i a massive, ever-expanding, technologically advanced fantasy world called Vinestra, as newborn babies with the names, Cynrik and Brance Jetlensr.But, in Vinestra, things aren't as they seem. Several types of Spatial Tears called “Egresses” frequently open up an unknown dimension where monsters who drop items when killed spawn.Cynrik and Brance, under the watchful eye of their respective Deities, learn how utilize their new system, bme powerful existences who wield Mana like their plaything. But are they inntrol of their lives, or are the Deities?((THIS RY IS WRITTEN IN A VERY SPECIFIC WESTERN FORMAT, WHERE CERTAIN CHARACTERS WILL BE HIGHLIGHTED IN CERTAIN WAYS MORE THAN OTHERS! AT ITSRE THIS RY DOES HAVE 2 MAIN CHARACTERS EVEN IF EARLY ON IT DOES NOT SEEM THAT WAY!))You’re reading “The Over-Break System” on See all Hide

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