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The Immortal Emperor Returns

The Immortal Emperor Returns
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The Immortal Emperor Returns

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    Summary A lifetime ago, Chu Xun was shackled and thrown in jail on false charges. For three whole years, he suffered extraodinaryrment from his cellmates every day. Even though he had escaped death many times, he still died from his cellmates’ fists the day before he was be released. After death, Chu Xun transmigrated a different world of cultivation, where cultivation was the one true path. Carrying the weight of his hatred, Chu Xun began cultivate in hopes of bming an Immortal Emperor, whould manipulate heaven and earth and travel through time. After painstaking cultivation of three thousand years, he succeeded. Then he sacrificed all his cultivation without hesitation and returned the day before he was be released. This life, he wanted find out the truth and the one behind his murder in last life. He wouldntinue cultivate and strengthen himself so that the tragedy would not repeat itself. He wanted master his own destiny. In this life, what people would Chu Xun eunter and what experience of love and hate would he have with them? What difficulties would he eunter and how would he oveme? The answer is the book.You’re reading “The Immortal Emperor Returns” on See all Hide

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