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The Chief Minister's Ferocious Wife

The Chief Minister's Ferocious Wife
548 Chapters
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The Chief Minister's Ferocious Wife

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    Summary Zhao Chuchu was reborn in a time before the apocalypse. As soon as the space was filled with supplies, something fell from a high altitude and killed her. Then, she transmigrated, bming a small villager in an unknown dynasty. She started this new life by taking out the natives, dealing with the plague, and bming a divine dor in one fell swoop. Using her fists, she gained high status. She bullied those scums until they cried for their mommy and begged for mercy. She produced large quantities of rice, beans, and sweet potes… Sheuld do everything, and she earned a lot of money with that. Everyone watched as she rnciled with Xiao Xiucai. They watched until a baby was born, as well as until Xiao Xiucai became thep scholar and smoothly became the Chief Minister. Then, everyone waited for the day the Chief Minister would divorce his wife, who went through hardships in life with him. They waited and waited until theuple had grown old, the two livinggether for the rest of their lives. You’re reading “The Chief Minister's Ferocious Wife” on See all Hide