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Sorcerer in the Women's World

Sorcerer in the Women's World
90 Chapters
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Sorcerer in the Women's World

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    Summary Weiss, who was a great sorcerer, was reborn. Not only did he return his youth, but who was this sexy blonde girl in front of him? This blonde girl wanted Weiss bme her only male pet? Furthermore, this was the women’s world. The power dynamics of the world had been flipped on its head. Men were responsible for household tasks while women were responsible for providing for the family... “I am a great sorcerer. I can’t just be smitten by beauty in this women’s world!” “However, why does this female-dominated world feel a little different? The sexy blonde girl at the start knew a little magic?” “The magical elements of this women’s world doesn’t feelo weak?”You’re reading “Sorcerer in the Women's World” on See all Hide

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