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Single Wish: Rise Of The Omniscient Paragon

Single Wish: Rise Of The Omniscient Paragon
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Single Wish: Rise Of The Omniscient Paragon

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    Summary If you had the opportunity be granted one wish, what would your wish be?All humans on Planet New Earth were given such an opportunity.A translucent screen appeared in front of every human promising grant any wish the humans of new earth.You want be a god?- GrantedYou want be a devil?- GrantedYou want have powers like Gojo or Nar or Sasuke or Saitama or Goku?- GrantedYou want be the richest man on the planet?- GrantedYou want the world end?- GrantedYou want...Wait, what?!!!Granted?!!!Any wish a human wished for was granted them!!And then it happened, the apocalypse!!!And our average MC,rey Junior Zane, due circumstances wished for wisdom, not just ordinary wisdom though.Unlimited Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.Would our MC be able survive in such a dangerous world without having the ability defend himself.Would he be able survive in his school where themmon enemies are Smileys?Read find out! You’re reading “Single Wish: Rise Of The Omniscient Paragon” on See all Hide