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Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!

Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!

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    Summary Ye Xuan transmigrated back when he was an infant cuddling in the embraces of his nine older sisters. He activated the God-tier Sign-in System.[You are hugged by your eldest sister, who is theO of a financialnglomerate. You signed in and obtained RMB100000000.][You are fed medicine by your snd sister, who is crowned the God Hand. You signed in and acquired god-tier acupuncture skills.][You trained along with your third sister, who is a Martial Arts Grandmaster. You signed in and your overall physique improved.][You live-streamed with your fourth sister, who is thep news anchor in theuntry. You signed in and acquired extraordinary good looks.]……Ye Xuanuld sign in daily!After staying in the city and signing in for eight years, Ye Xuan had accumulated an astronomical amount of wealth and bme a billionaire.On his eighth birthday, his nine sisters were forced by the grand elder of their clan get married. Just when everyone had lost hope of turning things around, Ye Xuan hopped down from his eldest sister’s embrace and said, “You’re marrying my sisters off against their wills. Have younsulted me about this?” You’re reading “Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!” on See all Hide

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