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    Summary The ry tells about Edgar, who had the opportunity inherit the power of a God duplicate magic skills. The Trial of God is a virtual world. A world where kingdoms and empires exist. How will he lead a kingdom being eyed by a powerful empire?The trial can be found in a broken world. The broken world is a huge landmass that looks like an independent world within a portal. The smallest size of the landmass is awn, and the biggest is as big as auntry. Magic plants, minerals, and magic nes can be found inside. Itntains opportunity but also danger brought by magic beasts, carnivorous plants, and the landmass itself. The landmassuld be a world of lava, poison, floating islands, and other dangerous worlds.Challengers that passed the trial wield great power and influence in their ownuntry and the whole Earth. Their power is so great that some can bme kings on their own islands. Mortal laws are forcefully bent by their own power. They monopolize knowledge and let the weak stay weak. How will Edgar face the powerful force that will see him as a threat? And how will he face a danger thatmes outside of the world?Watch the journey of Edgar as he learns how reach the peak and how he shakes the world and the universe. ……………………………………………………………You’re reading “SSS SKILL: DUPLICATE” on See all Hide

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