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Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled

Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled
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Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled

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    Read Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereReborn, Reawakened, Rekindled  by . Artist: Rosemont... Genre: Romance The narrator is sitting in a café in Rosemont, observing a young and charming barista who serves her coffee. She is oddly drawn to the barista and wonders if she is the reason for her past failed marriage with Neil. The narrator reflects on her past life, where she lost everything for Neil, who divorced her for another woman. However, after being reincarnated, she no longer hates Neil and hopes to change their fate. The story takes a turn when the narrator returns home to find Neil there, and they have a conversation about her change in behavior. The narrator reflects on her physical appearance and health, which has deteriorated over the five years of their marriage. The story hints at aplicated and potentially tumultuous relationship between the narrator and Neil, with a mysterious woman from the past playing a significant role in their history... Read Reborn, Reawakened, Rekindled