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Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife
376 Chapters
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Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

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    Summary Ye Muyu, an elite of the modernmpany, got married and had children directly after time travel. She became the lady of an ancient scholar and the mother of two children, and she also found out that there was a “sister-in-law” who hated her very much. Not only that, but there is also a ‘reborn’ female supporting role Tang Rou whovets her position everywhere. Tang Rou: “Your position is mine, and I will be the first-rank madam in the future.” Ye Muyu looked at the dark-faced man in front of him, and nodded calmly: “Okay.” A certain man instantly protected Ye Moyu: “You It’s my wife, don’t even try get rid of me, idlers, get out.” The son hugged Ye Muyu’s thigh: “Go away, my mother is so nice, if you dare bully her, I will bite you death.” The daughter held Ye Muyu’s arm Arm: “You are a bad person, my mother is the best mother in the world, if you dare speak ill of my mother, I will report the police.” Seeing the happy family of ‘Ye Shi’, the reborn Tang Rou secretly hated her Grinding: It shouldn’t be like this, everything has changed!You’re reading “Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife” on See all Hide

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