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Ocean Master

Ocean Master
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Ocean Master

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    Summary [Hello, Sebastian!] [You are dead!] "..." [Weme Oceania!] [You will be reanimated in 20 snds.] [Your rebirth has given you the following starting point status:] “Holy Moly! Where the f*ck am I?” … Sebastian, an anmist in his previous life has been reborn in the magical world of Oceania due his crazy tendencies developed from his line of work as a disser of sea creatures. Known as the crazy disser by hislleagues back on earth, instead of feeling despair and the longing for home like other protagonists, Sebastian wemes his new circumstances with open hands after understanding the world. “In a world where no one frown upon my tendencies, where I can dissect all the sea creatures that I want, where I’m even revered for how proficient I am at dissecting”. “Man, this is heaven!”You’re reading “Ocean Master” on See all Hide

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