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My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved

My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved
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My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved

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    Summary Swing the sword 100 times, [Sword Intent lv1] Swing the sword 1000 times, [Sword Intent lv3] Swing the sword 10,000 times, [Sword Intent LV10] Swing the sword 1,000,000 times, [Sword Intent lv99] Su Yang traveled through time, i the body of ordinary people. Fortunately, swinging a sword can improve sword intent. Afterntinuous improvement, Su Yang found that there was something wrong with this sword intent. [Wild Supreme Sword Body] [Handcrafted Sword Spirit Root] [Solvemmunication difficulties, rub the sword net with your hands, and start ancient surfing] The strength increasedo fast and was targeted by the lv30 boss? Su Yang looked at the lv99+ above his head, the old monster should lie down in theffin. Enemies from the sky, immortals destroy the world? Then I, an ordinary person like me, will make a move. One sword transforms all kinds of methods, and I will rub whatever is lacking. [ps: Invincible flow,ol text,ol all the way, no aggrieved, no suppression, no brainless pretending slap your face]You’re reading “My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved” on See all Hide

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