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My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate
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My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

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    Read My Professor Is My Alpha Mate by Caroline Above. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMy Professor Is My Alpha Mate by Caroline Above Story full chapter at . Genre: WereWolf Artist: Lila and Alexander Lila finds herself disillusioned with her relationship with Scott, her boyfriend, when she catches him with another girl, Sarah. In a moment of impulse and rebellion, she kisses a stranger in the hallway, a tall and handsome man, to spite Scott. Later, after a disappointing encounter at the main office, Lila is redirected to a class called "Shifting andbat" with Professor Enzo, whom she soon recognizes as the man she kissed. The revelation adds a layer ofplexity to her already tumultuous day. Lila, although lacking a wolf, is a Volana wolf, known for their enhanced abilities, but the challenges of a shifting class loom as her 18th birthday approaches. Lila finds herself in an unexpected situation, facing Professor Enzo as herbat class instructor after the impulsive kiss in the hallway. Despite not being able to shift yet, she's determined to prove herbat skills. With Becca as her training partner, Lila showcases her agility and acrobatic moves, earning admiration from her peers. However, things take an unexpected turn when a mysterious picture surfaces on everyone's phones, capturing the moment of Lila's kiss with Professor Enzo. The revelation leaves Lila shocked and the class in awe, creating an unexpected twist in her already eventful day... Read My Professor Is My Alpha Mate .