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My OP Minion System in the Apocalypse

My OP Minion System in the Apocalypse
308 Chapters
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My OP Minion System in the Apocalypse

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    Summary William Hunter was a young high-school student who wasnstantly bullied and made fun of by the people around him.Suddenly, one day, everyone was given a system and transported i a parallel apocalyptic world filled with powerful hordes of zombies, wrecking havoc on everyone and everything. Even with systems, most people struggle survive.[You have received the ???-rank system, Minionntroller][You have received 1x Woodcutter Minion and 1x Warrior Minion][You can buy more minions in the Shop]What was this?[Your Woodcutter Minion hasllected 21 wood, it is now level-2]As other people struggled survive. William would be able create an army of minions and take over this hellscapeYou’re reading “My OP Minion System in the Apocalypse” on See all Hide

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