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My Nascent Soul Ran Away Again

My Nascent Soul Ran Away Again
218 Chapters
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My Nascent Soul Ran Away Again

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    Summary [Easy, Invincible]“I, Lu Xuan, the first genius of the Great Truth Sect!”“At the age of nine, I entered the Body-Strengthening Stage. At twelve, I entered the Qi-Refining Stage. At fifteen, I entered the Foundation-Establishment Stage. At eighteen, I entered the Golden Pill Stage. Every three years, I achieved a new stage!”“At this rate, one day, I will bme the youngest immortal in the Eternity Realm. I will shatter the void and ascend the heavens, and it’s just a matter of time!”Lu Xuan, who transmigrated i a world of immortals and martial arts, experienced the darkest day of his life on his twenty-first birthday.On that day, he successfully formed his Nascent Soul step by step. However, before heuld even enjoy the joy of the breakthrough, he witnessed his Nascent Soul leaving the lotus platform and soaring out of his body…In the years that followed, every time Lu Xuan formed a Nascent Soul, it would fly away without exception. After releasinguntless Nascent Souls for nine thousand years, Lu Xuan made a divery…He had successfully achieved the Golden Body! ……………………………………………………………You’re reading “My Nascent Soul Ran Away Again” on See all Hide

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