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I'm Actually Not Overpowered!

I'm Actually Not Overpowered!
233 Chapters
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I'm Actually Not Overpowered!

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    Summary Getting caught up in another world, especially the same kind as your favorite , sounds all fun and sweet...… Until it's not!As an avid Weeb, this wasn't how Samuel expected his Transmigrated life turn outmpletely removed from themfortable life he once knew, this ‘modern guy' finds himself in a fantasy world that is in polarntrast with what he had imagined.His mission?Kill the Demon God and bring the world peace!It sounds so easy, righto bad his new life isn't as grand as he expected.'Now that it hasme this, there's only one thing left do...'Gather as many allies as he can on his grand quest.“I'm not Overpowered, but... no one has know that, right?”Watch as Samuel Peterson, a seemingly ordinary guy, ovemes his tribulation in a place where everyone relies on him and actually believes he is their only hope.An epic Kingdombuilding Misunderstanding ry awaits you! You’re reading “I'm Actually Not Overpowered!” on See all Hide

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