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I Shall Cuck Everyone

I Shall Cuck Everyone
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I Shall Cuck Everyone

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    [Slice of life] What would you do if you could copy abilities during an apocalypse? Of course, you can only copy women's abilities by having sex with them and absorbing their coitus essence! Jake Mystro, a determined and strong-willed teenager without an ability, was frowned upon and disdained for being powerless, as his body even rejected artificial abilities. Yet, that didn't bother Jake or make him sad, rather, he supported himself with the help of beast gears to avoid being bullied. However, on a particular day, Jake got tricked into awakening his Vampiric powers, but the process left him in a life and death condition. Luckily, he acquired the 'Cuckold System. [Ding!] [You have acquired the Cuckold System] [The Goddess of lust has acknowledged your strong will and determination] [You have become a dedicated follower] [By stealing other people's women you shall become stronger] "I shall not become the follower of anyone! I will also conquer the goddess of lust! Mark my words!" [Fufufu.....you have balls of steel, you know?] Let's follow the journey of Jake Mystro as he embarks on the journey of doing perverted tasks and becoming men's worst nightmare.