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I Can Enter The Game

I Can Enter The Game

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    Summary Qin Lin was playing a nostalgic game called “Ranches ry” when he was electrocuted. He suddenly divered that he had the ability enter i the game. Heuld even bring a watermelon he had planted in the game back reality.At first, his plan was sell watermelon for 2 yuan a catty. In that case, heuld earn 20,000 yuan by planting 10,000 catties worth of watermelon in the game every day and selling them in reality.Later on, he divered that by leveling up his ranch, heuld obtain high quality crops that surpassed that of the real world. If he reared liveck, they were of far higher quality than that of reality. After he built faries, he obtained various recipes that far surpassed that of the real world. Everything changed after that.You’re reading “I Can Enter The Game” on See all Hide

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