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Heavenly Opposers

Heavenly Opposers
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Heavenly Opposers

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    Summary Xiao in his first life didn’t have the talent reach thep and during his life he was killed by one of the heavenly Opposers, then he was born again in the snd world where he again faced problems, after surviving and dying in the snd world he was again brought back as a child in his first life, this time Xiao swore lay low, he would use his future knowledge getsy with the characters that would bme strong in the future, he would lay low and try bme an immortal while fulfilling his desires but how did things get so bad??Reincarnated Empress: Xiao's the only man in my life, he's the one who caused my ambition bring down the heavenlyurt dust!!The Forsaken Heavenly Beast: Brother Xiao's the one who saved my life and gave me meaning, he's the one who gave me theurage go against the heavenlyurt!!!Succesor Of The Medicine King: Brother Xiao's my role model, he's a true man!!, he's the only one worthy rule the heavens, he's our heavely opposer's leader, the opposing Emperor!!The True Mc: Me and Xiao might not be related by blood but I am more than willing lay my life down for him!!, he's the reason that the group heavenly opposer's even exist and we will bring down those stuck up rulers of the heaven!!Xiao: “......” You’re reading “Heavenly Opposers” on See all Hide