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God's Eyes

God's Eyes
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God's Eyes

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    Summary Losing his parent early on, he had survive in a world heuldn't even see…Blind and left alone, he was seen as a parasite by the social hierarchy of the new ages filled with martial arts and soulbondsForced mature early his train of thought was different from his peers as he didn´t mind derogry reviews about him.The day he awoke his soul was the day he cried in desperation while God played tricks with him as his soul-awakening was a blessing in disguise.Nobody would have ever imagined that he was neither blind nor a parasite until the final moment, he opened his golden eyes that flickered brightly, eagerly waiting devour everyone daring obstruct his pathwards the summit.Follow Jason on his adventurous journey throughout the vast worldSome readers might not like information, but I do!You’re reading “God's Eyes” on See all Hide

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