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    Summary It is said that you shouldn't meet your heroes. Gehaldirah, a high elf of royal bloodline didn't have meet the realm lord of High Heaven before he became disillusioned.His admiration for the paragon of the high elf race turned i hatred when he got some damning knowledge about why demons kept attacking his home and looting the sacred tree of life. His hatred for the realm lord turned self-hatred for his weakness and mediocrity.Gehaldirah had a moment of introspection. He isn't at the bom of the ladder in this strength-based hierarchy. He is a king of law, but that apparently isn't enough guarantee your fate. His strength is also mediocre because it was granted him because of his bloodline.He determined he had change himself. He has bme better. Hected a plan that is one part genius and one part greed. His plan for reincarnation led him the trial of heaven that occurs every origin cycle. He needed Origin essence so he participated in the trial.He got more than he wanted from the trial. His plan for reincarnation would be a success after some adjustments. But now he has a different aim. He won't aim for just the realm lord. The realm lord hasntrol of the High Heaven Realm. That isn't enough for Geraldirah anymore.He became greedier. He has his sight set on the movers and shakers of the Void Universe. Only the power subvert the will of World Gods will do. The plan create LEGION, the ultimate organism was then hatched. If one person cannot achieve something, what about a multitude of them?His journey will not be easy. He will have oveme Celestials and their Celestial Supreme, Gods and their GodKings, Demon kings and their Demon gods. The Void Universe is full of obstacles that will like nothing more than put an end his path. It is not that they hate him. They will oppose him simply because the era ofnquest isming. There are no friends in the era ofnquest. It is everyone for themselves. You’re reading “GREED: ALL FOR WHAT?” on See all Hide

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