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Destroying My Own Novel-Novel

Destroying My Own Novel-Novel
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Destroying My Own Novel-Novel

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    Summary Everyone must have a few regrets in their lives, and for Mykel regret was publishing this on the internet. Because of this failed he wrote, made his career down the hill as an author. Thanks this , he lost his passion and he lost everything that he had.“I wish I can destroy this so that nobody will be able see it or remember it anymore,” Mykel said.That was what he wished for, and for some reason, he went inside that of his and as himself in the ry that didn't suppose exist?Mykel smirked and grinned as he looked at the system.[You are the crer of this world, you will have the access themmand system. You are free do anything as long as it is listed in themmand system][Please enjoy and have fun]“Heh, then I will turn this world upside down,” Mykel said as he glared at the notification in front of him.You’re reading “Destroying My Own ” on See all Hide

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