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Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband

Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband
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Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband

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    Read Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband by Astrid Rose. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereDark Secrets of the Blind Husband by Astrid Rose full chapter at . Artist: Damien Lenoir Genrre: Billionaire The story begins with Cherise Shaw cautiously entering the bathroom on her wedding night. She is about to marry Damien Lenoir, a wheelchair-bound blind man. Despite Damien's handsome appearance, he is considered a jinx due to the deaths of his family members and previous fiancées. Cherise, motivated by the promise of financial support for her grandmother's medical treatment, is willing to marry Damien. As Cherise tries to engage with Damien, he removes his blindfold and questions her fear of death. Cherise, undeterred, pledges to fulfill her promise to care for him. Damien, skeptical, instructs Cherise to help him take a bath. Cheriseplies, and as she assists Damien, he reflects on the investigations he conducted on her background. Cherise's innocence and apparent lack of fear intrigue Damien. As Cherise bathes him, Damien wonders if she is genuinely simple or if she is putting on an act. The tension escalates when Cherise asks about bathing his private parts, leading Damien to abruptly ask her to leave. The chapter ends with an unexpected twist in the unfolding dynamic between the newlyweds... Read Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband

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