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Bride of the Mysterious CEO

Bride of the Mysterious CEO
297 Chapters
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Bride of the Mysterious CEO

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    Read Bride of the Mysterious CEO by Blue Heart. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereBride of the Mysterious CEO Nove by Blue Heart update full chapter at . Genre: Romance,... The marriage was promised between the Monor family and the Lewis family for two children Ryan Monor and Amara Lewis. But the event happened, Ryan had an accident and was paralyzed and could not move. At this time, the  Lewis family didn't want their child to marry the disabled husband, so they forced Elena to replace  Amara. Because she needed money for her mother's treatment, Elena had to accept that request. I thought  Elena had to suffer from a disabled person, but suddenly one day  Ryan got up to protect Elena,.... Please follow  Bride of the Mysterious CEO by Blue Heart at