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Bride Behind The Mask (Frederick and Marguerite)

Bride Behind The Mask (Frederick and Marguerite)
620 Chapters
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Bride Behind The Mask (Frederick and Marguerite)

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    Read Bride Behind The Mask (Frederick and Marguerite) by Frederick. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Bride Behind The Mask (Frederick and Marguerite). Genre: Romance...Bride Behind The Mask by Frederick pdf free download. Artist: Frederick and Marguerite Frederick Winston wakes up in a messy room with a woman after a night of heavy drinking. Realizing the events of the previous night were real, he notices red stains on the bedsheet and discovers that the woman was a virgin. Despite a brief desire to see her face, Frederick decides to leave, but a necklace falls off the woman and gets caught on his suit. While on his way to work, Frederick recalls the sweet scent from the night before, which surprises him since he lost his sense of smell three years ago. His assistant, Chuck, informs him of a resident causing issues on Cedarbrook Street, and Frederick decides to handle the matter personally. As Frederick is on his way, he finds the dropped pendant with a stunning sapphire, realizing it might belong to the woman he spent the night with. Intrigued and determined to find her, he instructs Chuck to track down someone based on the information about the Regal Haven Hotel between 11 PM and 10 AM. Frederick reminisces about a little girl who had saved him fifteen years ago and gave him a necklace, promising to marry him in the future. He is now driven to find her, despite being the successful CEO of the Winston Group. The story ends with Frederick's determination to fulfill the promise made to the little girl...

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