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All Her Secrets By Chestnut

All Her Secrets By Chestnut
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All Her Secrets By Chestnut

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    Read All Her Secrets By Chestnut by Chestnut. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereAll Her Secrets By Chestnut full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire After the announcement of Vicente's will, the Swann family was in turmoil. Korbin immediately doubted the authenticity of the will, but it was confirmed by Vicente's lawyer, Leonel Bolton, who even presented a video recorded by Vicente before his death as proof. Vicente's will stated that anyone in the Swann family who objected to it would be disowned and kicked out of the family. Since all Swann family members worked for the Swann Corporation, being kicked out would mean losing everything. The reason for the public announcement of the will became clear: Vicente wanted to catch Korbin off guard. Catherine was chosen to inherit the Swann family's fortune, which surprised many, as she was considered a jinx by some. Leonel, the lawyer, couldn't read her emotions and offered her the will to sign. However, Catherine pointed to a specific condition on the will, asking for clarification. It was revealed that the condition for Catherine's inheritance was to marry Karl Duncan, the heir of the powerful Duncan family. The crowd was shocked because Branden Duncan was widely known as the family's sole heir and a sought-after bachelor. Catherine's answer was a straightforward rejection. This surprised everyone, as Branden was highly desirable. Branden himself was present but only exchanged a brief look with Catherine. This caught her attention, as she was not interested in him. Leonel then played a recording left by Vicente, and Catherine, although initially reluctant, listened to it and eventually signed the will. The Swann family members were displeased with this turn of events. The crowd speculated about whether Catherine, a seemingly inexperienced country girl, could handle the cunning Swann family members and maintain her inheritance. Someone suggested that with the right help, she might succeed. All eyes turned to a man with amanding presence who had yet to speak, indicating that anything was possible.... Read All Her Secrets By Chestnut

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