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A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana)

A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana)
309 Chapters
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A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana)

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    Read A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead TA Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) by . Genre: Romance...A Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana) pdf free download. In a deserted primeval forest in Loang, Mandy Langdon and her family kneel outside a small wooden house, seeking the help of Dr. Larkin, known as the Mischievous Doctor. They recite the ten non-treatment rules set by Dr. Larkin, who then agrees to treat Mandy's grandfather's illness. He provides seven pills and instructs them to transfer one hundred million as the consultation fee. Finnegan Larkin, after five years, returns to Jadeborough and visits his family. He discovers his father's deteriorated health due to an incident involving Killian Chomsky, who sought revenge even after Finnegan left. Finnegan vows to make Killian pay and decides to seek help from Bernice Zimmerman, who he mistakenly believed to be ungrateful but now realizes has been supporting his family. Finnegan plans to visit the Zimmerman residence for assistance and to clear the misunderstanding with Bernice. In Xendale, Bernice Zimmerman remains unconscious, and various doctors, including Dr. Cooper, cannot identify the cause of her condition. Finnegan Larkin arrives, claiming he can cure Bernice, but Bernice's parents, Patrick and Jennifer, are skeptical due to Finnegan's young age and lack of formal medical training. Dr. Cooper challenges Finnegan's abilities, questioning hispetence. Finnegan insists on his capability to cure Bernice, even though he did not attend medical school. When asked to leave, Finnegan challenges Alexander Cooper by revealing a personal health issue—Alexander's chronic headache. Finnegan swiftly cures Alexander's headache with acupuncture, gaining some credibility. Patrick, initially skeptical, changes his stance and asks Finnegan to treat Bernice. However, Finnegan, angered by the lack of respect, demands a public apology, setting a condition for treating Bernice. Patrick and Jennifer are willing to agree to any demand to save their daughter, and Jennifer tearfully expresses their willingness to apologize. Finnegan, known as the Mischievous Doctor, stands firm on his condition, emphasizing the importance of respecting medical practitioners. Read TA Healer’s Journey (Finnegan and Nuthana)