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Ghoul King's Harem

Ghoul King's Harem
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Ghoul King's Harem

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    Summary It was supposed be just another argument with his girlfriend. But Alexander Faust's world was turned upside down when the dead started rising from their graves on February 20th, 2023. Suddenly, the apocalypse wasn't just some abstractncept but his reality.As he fights survive in a world of death and destruction, Alex mustnfront his regrets and deepest desires, facing betrayal, despair and the darkness hidden in people's hearts.On the cusp of despair, he suddenly divers a rare skill that makes him immune zombie infection but transforms i a fierce and feral Ghoul.Is this skill truly random, or is there some plot in the darkness, always one step behind himrn between his former human self and new Ghoul self, Alex develops a new persona protect his fragile mind.Faust!With newfound powerursing through his veins, Faust sets out fulfil his wildest dreams. He seeks reunite with Amy, his girlfriend, and maybe even find love among the survivors drawn his strength andnfidence.But as he journeys through a world overrun by the dead...Faust must alsonfront his darkest impulses and thensequences of his actions.He is forced navigate the dangerous terrry of being a Ghoul, balancing his newfound desires with the things that truly matter him.Faust soon divers that the line between life and death is razor-thin.In this thrilling and dark tale of survival, Faust must find his way in a world that has been forever changed - and hold o the things that matter most him before it'so late. You’re reading “Ghoul King's Harem” on See all Hide

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