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Get Spoiled after Travelling into A Novel

Get Spoiled after Travelling into A Novel
305 Chapters
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Get Spoiled after Travelling into A Novel

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    Read Get Spoiled after Travelling into A by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Get Spoiled after Travelling into A by . Genre: Billionaire.  Get Spoiled after Travelling into A pdf download...Read the full online for free here In the "Get Spoiled After Travelling into A ," the story unfolds with six brothers receiving a call from Mercy Hospital, informing them of their sister Milly's death and requesting their presence to sign a cremation consent form. The brothers, sitting in a luxurious restaurant, show no emotion upon hearing the news, suspecting it to be another scheme by Milly to get money from them. Milly's fifth brother, a movie star, dismisses the news, believing Milly is just trying to exploit their newfound wealth. The fourth brother, an academician, recalls how they struggled during their family's bankruptcy and were supported by their adopted sister, Stephanie Burnett. Milly, who had disappeared during their tough times, is now perceived as a manipulator. When the eldest brother, Jordan, receives a follow-up call from the hospital, he decides to verify the situation. Despite the skepticism of his brothers, Jordan and the third brother, Jeffrey, go to the hospital, followed by the rest of the siblings. At the morgue, the nurse quickly leads them to Milly's body, fearing they might leave without acknowledging it. As they uncover the body, they are shocked to find that Milly is indeed dead, dispelling their doubts. The nurse urges them to make arrangements for Milly's body and informs them of her belongings in room 541. In the room, they meet an elderly woman who confirms Milly had always spoken highly of her brothers, expressing pride in their achievements. The woman gives them an old, rusty iron box Milly left behind, intended for them. The box's contents and Milly's true intentions remain to be discovered, hinting at deeper revelations about her life and her relationship with her brothers.